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About the Author

Katie has worked with children throughout her whole career and has a bachelor’s degree in communication and a minor in family and human development. Her favorite job was at an after school program, where she got to explore storytelling and engage with kids. Katie has always had a passion for storytelling, her favorite thing to do while working after school would be to make up stories for the kids and then make them the characters. Telling a child a story can make their day, teach valuable life lessons, and help them explore the wonders of their imagination! Katie's dream is to share her stories and make children from around the world smile.


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Wizard and the Lizard: The Magic of Marvelous Manners

Wizard and the Lizard:

Wacky Weather

Book 2 in the series

I am so excited to be releasing my second Wizard and the Lizard book: Wacky Weather. I think the message is important especially in today’s world with the global health crisis, which is: even though we can’t control everything but that things usually turn out okay.  I hope my book gives children hope, and makes them laugh during this unsure time. 


Wizard and the Lizard

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